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WEEK 2: Preparing to Cope with the Stress of School

I am new to university, however not to post-secondary. One of the challenges I faced while attending Seneca College was coping with stress.

Having to complete assignments while working over 20 hours per week was not easy. Sometimes I look back and wonder how I found time to volunteer at least 10 hours a week, work 20 hours and all while completing at least 5 classes. There were many times I almost gave up. I felt as if it was impossible, but one thing that got me through school was my friends at the ANY Goodlife Youth Service. They were always there to encourage me and pray for me when I was depressed or stressed out.

University makes me anxious when I think about the amount of work I might have to complete. Many past university graduates I spoke to state that University is more difficult than college. That makes me a little nervous because I like doing well in school. At Seneca College I finished my Studies with Honours Standing. There was a lot of late night studying which was very stressful while balancing your everyday life. I have no issue with spending time doing school work I honestly think school is fun; however, sometimes it got a little overwhelming and that was when I needed my friends the most.

I encourage everyone to find a support system – someone you can talk to, or a group you can belong to. Go out sometimes with friends, go for movies, dinner, or even the club if you like that sort of stuff.  My support system is the youth group at the ANY Goodlife faith based youth service, for we share similar beliefs and we all encourage each other. This was a great resource in times when I was really stressed out, Just having someone to talk to made the world of a difference.

There are many services that are available to help you through the school year at Ryerson University such as the Tri-Mentoring Program, who are there to help new incoming students. There’s also Student Health & Wellness. You are never alone. If you need any advice, you can even contact me through social media or contact a staff at Ryerson Student Life. Please watch this small clip of one of the meetings at ANY Goodlife to see how I destress on a weekly basis and charge up my charisma.

“See you on campus!”

Jason King

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