Today is your last day to apply to graduate without a late fee! [How-to]


Hey guys and gals.

Just wanted to inform you that today is your last day to apply to graduate without incurring any of those pesky late fees. The process, which’ll set you back $40, lets Ryerson know that you’re intending to graduate and can start the process for verifying all your classes and credits.

Some steps, in case you’re confused:

  1. Log into RAMMS
  2. Hit the “My Academics” link
  3. Click the “Apply for graduation” link
  4. Confirm your program of study by clicking on the name. In my case, I’d hit “journalism”
  5. Choose your expected graduation semester from the drop-down
  6. Hit “Continue”
  7. Read the agreement and hit “Payment”; fill in your information
  8. Continue as needed until the end, where you’ll get a receipt.

And there you go!

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