RU Student Life is dedicated to sharing stories of what it’s really like to be a Ryerson student. Everything we do is created by students, for students, because we’re living it, you’re living it, and you know better than anyone what it’s really like to struggle through exams, to pull an all-nighter, and to walk through campus as a Ram. Whether you’re in need of a smile on a rough day, want to know the best places on campus to take a break, or are pondering the true meaning of it all, we strive to make everything inspiring, informational, amusing, useful, and critical, and we believe every one of us has a story worth sharing. The following includes our mission statement, mantra, and values that we hold as guides for everything we do.


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Mission Statement

RU Student Life is a digital community dedicated to sharing the stories of Ryerson students, providing experiential work and leadership opportunities, and connecting students to support services and their community at Ryerson.


By students, for students.

Content Standards


Offering stories about the Ryerson community and beyond that bring a smile to your face, that make you think “wow”, or that help you believe in something.


Offering important information relevant to the Ryerson student experience, such as academic dates and deadlines, exam schedules, campus locations and spaces, Student Affairs services and programs, holidays, and answering questions from the community.


Offering tips, tricks, and how-tos from the insider perspective, such as the best places to eat on and around campus, easy ways to save money, how to navigate the course registration system, advice on talking with professors, and more.


Offering something a bit lighter to help you laugh your way through midterms and exams, we share common and “I totally get that” experiences, a pop-culture reference or two, and of course, all the gifs.


Offering thought-provoking, forward thinking, justice-seeking, and pushing-the-limits ideas that remind us we’re all a part of this world and have a role to play in helping to make it a little better.

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Meet the RU Student Life Team

Brittany Nguyen
Jessica Huynh
Jillian Maniquis
Social Media Community Manager
Katelyn Campbell
Storyteller (Video)
Kelly Kitagawa
Storyteller (Video)
Mariam Nouser
Social Media Community Manager
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Miriam Valdes-Carletti
Multimedia Storyteller (Video)
Niki Thayaaparan
Podcast Journalist
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Robyn Fiorda
Storyteller (Writer)
Sidrah Khatoon
Graphic and Web Assistant
Stefanie Phillips
Sunita Singh Hans
Storyteller (Writer)
Janine Maral
Julianna Garofalo
Digital Marketing Assistant

RU Student Life’s Leadership

RU Student Life is managed by professional staff in Ryerson Student Affairs’ Department of Special Projects. Learn more about Ryerson Student Affairs at and read about our work at

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